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Tom Matz Band

Tom learned and honed his guitar playing in northern New Jersey, playing in popular bands in high school and college,  That includes "Oasis" in NJ and "Pandemonium" in PA, proudly known as "Pennsylvania's Loudest Band".  Tom then played some of the bar scene in New York City before moving to Mexico for many years, where he picked up Spanish and a tad of a Latin feel.  He is now based out of Texas, and still performs as a 3 piece, with Dutch Workman on drums and John Houston on bass guitar.

In 2017 he released the album "Guadalajara", with a varied mix of English and Spanish guitar based "rock" tunes.  Some have a more bluesy feel, others a little more straight forward rock.

In 2019 he experimented with different music styles and for 2020 has a feel happy "reggae" style album out, "Buenos Dias".  A Spanish name, but English songs. :)

In 2021 he put out a couple new songs in an EP style album called "Stand Up", getting more back to rock, with an 80's vibe, including multiple harmonies and classic rock style guitar leads.

In 2022 he recorded a few Country Rock songs, quite a change from other recordings.  In 2023 he has performed in Latin America, Europe and the USA, and in early 2024 he is preparing to record a Blues Rock album, maybe with some Punk Rock creeping in.  :)

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